Jellyfish Lighting

WOW Creative Lighting!


Install Once, Enjoy year round


Accent your Home's beauty

Curb Appeal

Enhance the beauty of your house with year-round lighting  

Millions of Color Options

The 3 diode patented technology ensures you can use the perfect colors

100+ presets

The most common color patterns are already programmed in the app for you to get started

Jellyfish Lighting is also fully customizable with unlimited custom colors / patterns / animations

See more of What Jellyfish Lighting can DO...


Color-matched tracking installed with no exposed wires

  Controller and power supply mounted in garage


Control levels of brightness 


Easily create custom zones for different sections of the house for full control

Bright and Energy Efficient

Less than 1 watt per light

Long Lasting

Jellyfish LED lighting lasts for many years

Year-round Lighting

Enjoy for every season, special events, and occassions


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